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Dogecoin Miner App with Admin Panel and Admob + Unity Ads


Dogecoin Miner App:

Are you looking for an app to earn cryptocurrency (Dogecoin)? You are in the right place, with this game you can make users earn Dogecoin by mining. This app will save you many hours of work.

**Note: this app is NOT real mining.

Also, with Admob with Unity Ads you can max your revenues from your app to make more money.

App Features:

  • Android 14 (SDK 34)
  • Animation Splash Screen
  • Easy To Mining Dogecoin
  • Beautiful Desgin
  • User Login/SignUp
  • Send Payment Request
  • About App
  • Send Feedback
  • Rate and Share the Game
  • Yodo1 Ads: Banners and Interstitials
  • Unity Ads: Video Rewards
  • Material UI Design
  • Privacy Policy
  • and more...

  • Admin Panel Features:

  • Users List: Manage Users
  • Manage Users: edit or delete
  • Manage Feedback
  • Manage Payments Requests
  • Deleted Users
  • Profile Settings
  • Change Withdrawal Name
  • Change Minimum to users withdrawal
  • Change withdrawal method
  • Add note for withdrawal
  • Admin Notifications
  • Privacy Policy
  • and more...

  • • What You Get :

    • Support :


    - My item made with ♥

    • Change Logs :

    Version 1.2.0 (Updated On 06/02/2024)

    - Updated: Support Android 14 (SDK 34)
    - Updated: App Library to the latest version
    - Updated: PHP version to 8.x
    + Added: Best User on Admin Panel Dashboard
    + Added: Users Withdrawals Chart on Admin Panel Dashboard
    + Added: Active Users Chart on Admin Panel Dashboard
    - Fixed some bugs
    - Deleted: Yodo1 Ads

    Version 1.1.0 (Updated On 02/02/2023)

    + Added Support Android 13 (SDK 33)
    - Updated the libraries to the latest version
    + Added the total of all users points in the admin panel statistics

    Version 1.0.3 (Published On 31/07/2022)

    - Fixed user wallet in admin panel
    - Update Libraries to the latest version
    - Update Unity ads to the latest version

    Version 1.0.2 (Published On 10/04/2022)

    - Fixed The Multi Points Issue

    Version 1.0.1 (Published On 04/03/2022)

    + Added Admob Ads

    Version 1.0.0 (Published On 03/03/2022)

    First Release

    2 Reviews Found

    2022-03-08 10:16 PM

    Great work bro

    2022-07-27 04:48 AM

    App working good and seller helped me lots thank you. I will buy more

    user image
    fo2sh939 Client
    2022-03-03 09:12 PM

    Loved your app Can i bought it can i use litecoin instead of dogecoin ??

    user image
    IbrahimOdeh Author
    2022-03-05 08:00 PM

    Hello, Yes, you can use any other crypto you want instead of dogecoin.

    user image
    JakeQuick Client
    2022-04-10 10:40 AM

    Hello sir. Is this app has security to prevent from any manipulation?

    user image
    IbrahimOdeh Author
    2022-04-14 01:17 PM

    Hello, yes there is, but that not mean it will be %100.

    user image
    Tiagogfdzx Client
    2022-12-08 08:45 AM

    Na parte admin eu posso fazer a configuração de adicionar os anúncios?

    user image
    IbrahimOdeh Author
    2022-12-19 06:22 PM

    Hello, Please speak in English.

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    Files Included

    .apk , .db , .java , .xml , PHP , HTML , CSS , Layered PNG

    Software Version

    Android 12.0 , Android 11.0 , Android 10.0 , Android 9.0

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